Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare includes a full day of play on the infield with no over night stay. Dogs having fun with their teammates of similar size or temperament on the infield. Our umpires are always watching. At least one trip to the outfield (weather permitting). Currently dog daycare is offered everyday during office hours with no reservation required.

For service outside office hours, please contact us.


Short Visit

less than 4 hours

Full Day Play

As low as

10 Visit Book

if you bundle
You Save!

Important information

Visits are available after passing a temperament evaluation.
10 visit books valid for 1 year from date of purchase, no partial refunds.

Make sure your dog meets the requirements for our services.

Daycare FAQs

What activities do my dogs do in playgroups?

If you elect to add playgroups, we have lots of play structures, rope bones, tennis balls, and other dog toys that we use to play with the dogs. We always supervise playgroups, so if any dogs start to act toy possessive, we would intervene. We work to make sure the dogs to have lots of fun in a safe and controlled environment.

Will my small dog be mixed with large dogs?

We make every effort to create groups that consist of similar sizes and temperaments. Occasionally we do have large dogs with small dog personalities or vice versa. We work to make sure every dog is comfortable and having fun in the most appropriate group. But for the most part, big dogs and small dogs will play separately.

My dog isn’t aggressive with other dogs. He just doesn’t pay much attention to them. Would this be good for him?

Even though your dog may not interact much with the other dogs, he’ll still get to spend plenty of time with our staff and get exercise walking outside each day.

Do you provide food for my dog or should I bring his own food?

We encourage you to bring your own dog’s food with him in order to prevent any stomach issues that might occur by changing his diet. We do sell high quality food at a good value. But we’re sure your dog would prefer his own food.

Are dogs needing special medication a problem?

Everyone has special needs from time to time. We don’t view this as a hassle but a part of life, so we don’t charge extra and can accommodate most medication administration. We do need to be notified of all conditions, and expect specific instructions for such situations.

Are proof of vaccinations required for the temperament evaluation?

Yes. Some illnesses like canine cough are airborne and highly contagious, so we want to make sure that each and every dog that comes in the door is protected.

My dog’s vaccinations just expired a few days ago. But I need to have my dog boarded this weekend. Can he still come?

Call us (513-480-3647) and we can discuss options.

The veterinarian wants me to get my dog’s vaccination updates more frequently. What vaccination terms do you require?
Your veterinarian knows what’s best for your dog. We defer to them for a particular vaccination expiration timeframe.
My dog is older and my veterinarian suggests that he doesn’t get certain vaccinations. What can I do?

Some vets test for titers to determine if a certain vaccination is necessary. We would accept this. Also, if a vet doesn’t feel comfortable giving a certain vaccination, we simply require a signed waiver from your vet stating this exemption.

I have two dogs. Is there a discount for the second dog?

Yes, additional dogs are $10 off the full dog price.

Start the conversation, and ask for more information.

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