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Why choose doggie daycare or dog boarding for my dog?

Keep Dogs Busy Keeps Them Healthy Over my 10+ years caring for the dogs of others, I have often heard “my dog doesn’t need that”, or “my dog prefers to sleep all day”. The fact is dogs in the wild never just slept all day. They lived as social animals that traveled in packs and latched…

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8 Sports Your Dog Can Play

If movies have taught us nothing else, it’s that animals have great potential as athletes. In movies, golden retrievers can play basketball, mules can kick field goals, and chimps can play hockey. Unfortunately, when you try to recreate any of these scenarios with your own pets, it’s inevitably disappointing. Don’t give up yet, though. Dogs…

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Tips & Advice For Dog Lovers

Dogs make wonderful companions, but the first-time dog owner and all new dog parents need to understand that caring for a dog companion is a commitment for the life of the dog. Dogs are not playthings to be left tethered out in the yard, only to be given attention at the owner’s whim. Your dog…

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How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Costume

Many pet owners enjoy dressing for doggie daycare their pets in costumes that are funny or cute. But some pets like dressing up more than others. If your dog is hesitant to put on his costume- don’t worry! You can get your dog to wear a Halloween costume, too. Our simple guide will teach you…

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